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Regardless of whether you have questions about mortgage lending, building society savings or consumer loans, we will provide you with expert support for your projects and help you to realize your wishes and plans:

Because Melcher Finance is a vendor agnostic company, you don’t have to worry about us pushing you in the direction of a specific financing. We are not bound by special offers or specifications. We focus our full attention on you and your needs and can therefore advise and support you in the best possible way.

construction financing:

More and more people are thinking about buying a property these days, but are reluctant to take the decisive step because they are not very familiar with banks and their conditions. We help you. Thanks to our broad network of lenders, we can clarify your concerns quickly and in a goal-oriented manner.
We put all of the concepts discussed in writing so that no idea is lost and you have all the financing proposals at hand.

You will not incur any costs for the construction financing consultation. So make an appointment with us now!


Building savings:
Similar to construction financing, we also offer you a detailed comparison of the possible offers for building savings. At this point we will help you to find a suitable tariff from a large number of different building societies that suits you and your new life situation. This allows you to decide whether, for example, financial leeway or quick debt repayment is more important to you. Comprehensive comparisons are essential here!
We are also available to answer any questions you may have about building society contracts. Through expert advice, we clarify together whether it is advantageous for your financing to include a building savings contract.


Installment loan:
Necessary purchases or the long-awaited vacation, with a consumer loan most dreams can be realized quickly. With an analysis of your current situation and your plans, we can promptly create a personal offer. We have access to the broad banking market and can put together the best financing option for your plans. All without consulting fees.

Book your appointment now!

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